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Cancer Journey
Work and Cancer

Work and Cancer

Phil outside of the unfoldingWord office in Orlando, FL
Phil outside the offices of unfoldingWord, a Bible translation ministry

As I wrap up a short vacation to Utah with my wife and daughter, I’ve been processing what it might be like to work during my cancer pre surgery, post surgery, and treatment. This is hard to do considering I don’t know much in terms of what to expect during any of these phases, but I still think about them. What will it mean for my Bible translation projects or the ability to start new projects in the foreseeable future? I would like to think that I will still be able to function somewhat but I just don’t know. Perhaps you who have gone through this before can share in the comments section some insight as to what I might expect? This is assuming I will have to go through a mastectomy, radiation, and chemo.

For those of you who perhaps stumbled across this post and don’t really know me or what I do, here’s a synopsis. My primary source of employment and income is as a global partnerships and projects team member at unfoldingWord (yes, I spelled this correctly). My primary focus is working with church leaders, primarily in Southeast Asia who are seeking to establish their churches in sound doctrine but lack access to Bible translations in the languages their people speak. By equipping these leaders with biblical resources and effective training, they are empowered to translate the Bible with excellence and efficiency in every language that needs one.

Southeast Asia no. 1 is just one of my areas of focus.
This project is well underway and getting ready to move into the next phase.

Besides my focus on Bible translation, I am also part owner of a strategy board game company called GiddyUp Games. This endeavor came about while I was serving in Indonesia. My friend, Mark Underwood and I took our passion of playing strategy board games to the the next level and created a few games together. One of those games is called, “Food Truck Face-Off“. It’s a fantastic game that we are going to bring to life as a Kickstarter project and hope to launch this as our first game soon. Stay tuned for more info on how you can help us get started by backing the game.

For those of you who have asked, “How can I help?” I can’t think of a better way than to support one of my projects like the Whole Bible for the Whole Nation of Southeast Asia no. 1 or by supporting my ministry directly at unfoldingWord. Staying employed and supporting a worthy work would be most helpful 🙂

I look forward to your comments.

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